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Prayer books and hymn books

Publication Description Price
* Prices inclusive of VAT
* Postage excluded (contact office for quote)
An Anglican Prayer Book 1989 Standard edition - available in English R130.00
  in  Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Setswana, Siswati, N. Sotho, Sesotho, Venda  and  Kwanyama   NOTE - NO SOFT COVER EDITIONS available R130.00
APB Deluxe/Clerical edition (all languages)** Note check with office for availability - some languages out of print** (white/black imitation leather) R130.00
APB - Black Leather edition (check with office for languages) Black genuine leather, soft cover R350.00
APB Altar Book  BACK IN STOCK Missal edition R396.00
Separate of Eucharist from APB 1989 - REPRINTED English R13.00
Separate of Eucharist from APB 1989, isiXhosa, Setwana & Zulu R10.00
Separate of Catechism from APB 1989 All languages as above R10.00
Hymn books - Zulu R70
Hymn book - Xhosa words R40
Hymn book - Xhosa with tunes R60
Hymn book - Setswana music  &  Northern Sotho R50
Hymn book - Sesotho R45
Hymn book – Kwanyama R45

Hymn book - A & M Revised Tonic Sol-fa


Hymn book – A & M New Standard R150.00

Order From:

Publishing Committee, P O Box 157, Westhoven, 2142.    Tel: 011 375 2708/2709   Fax 011 477 3724

VAT Registration Number:  4240192700   

Payment is easiest by direct bank deposit.  

The bank details are as follows:      

Standard Bank    Johannesburg Branch                         Branch Code 00 0205

Account Number: 00 000 7234                                        Account Name: CPSA Publishing Committee

Please fax copy of deposit slip with name and delivery address to: Fax   011 477 3724


Posted: 11/29/2011 (11:47:44 PM)

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